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Port Ludlow Art Gallery: Jeweler of the Month

Port Ludlow Art League’s Jeweler of the Month – Mara Mauch

Mara has been working with glass for almost 30 years. Several years ago, Mara attended a three-day, intensive fused glass workshop. That experience taught Mara that melting and fusing glass requires both skill and imagination. Mara learned that by combing colored glass with dichroic metal on glass and applying heat, the results can be wonderfully unpredictable.

Mara’s love of science makes her work with fused glass exhilarating because it combines the scientific properties of glass with her artistic imagination. Mara uses a kiln to fuse several layers of glass with or without dichroic (metallic coatings) or gold or silver inclusions. She then adds layers of glass and further shapes the pieces by hand and then re-fires them, repeating this process until she obtains the result she wants. By incorporating precious metals or other unique materials to her designs, Mara creates cabochons that become stunning necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Mara’s jewelry will be on display at the Port Ludlow Art Gallery in July. The Gallery is located at the corner of Oak Bay Road and Osprey Ridge Drive next to the Sound Community Bank.

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